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Innovative film transport

The M-Flex is equipped with servo-driven film transport, which is able to control the movement of the top film in every detail, making this semi-automatic traysealer suitable for even the most complex packaging systems, including TraySkin® and FlatSkin®.


Hygienic design

Like SEALPAC’s fully automated Amax traysealers, the M-Flex has been built according to a sophisticated hygienic design, as can be seen from its rounded shapes, water-draining feet, and integrated buttons.


Plug & pack

The M-Flex traysealer is fully electric, so it requires no water or compressed air.


Easy operation

The M-Flex comes with an intuitive touch-screen display. Due to its self-explanatory menu guidance, the display is easy to use for any operator. By issuing SmartKey RFID tags, the traysealer automatically recognizes its user and sets the authorities accordingly. This enables full control and traceability in production.


Collapsible film arms

Both film arms can be folded up during transport, so the machine will fit through any industrial door.


Maximum output

The M-Flex traysealer is based on the rotation principle. Due to its continuous process, the M-Flex achieves outputs unattainable until now with semi-automatic systems.


Innovative tooling exchange system

Owing to the unique tooling quick exchange system of the M-Flex, which uses the rotating table, the set-up time between pack formats is extremely short.



SEALPAC’s special ID system, based on sensors in the bottom and top tools, ensures that the M-Flex will only run if the correct tools are positioned in the machine.

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