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Always one step ahead: SEALPAC is among the leading global developers of innovative thermoforming and tray-sealing technology

With the launch of our latest generation of PRO thermoformers, we are bringing fully automated packaging to a higher level. These compact machines with smallest footprint still have all the options to upgrade your production process to the maximum. What all models have in common is their high performance and efficiency, resulting in lowest cost of ownership.



The basic PRO machine is suitable to run flexible and rigid film, both for vacuum packaging and sealing only applications. Depending on your wishes, various modules can be added to run other packaging solutions.

  • MAP module
  • ThermoSkin® module
  • ShrinkStyle® module
  • Heavy products module
  • Wet & crumbly products module


As safe as it gets

Next to the mandatory safety regulations (e.g. CE), each of our PRO thermoformers is additionally tested and certified according to the strict German GS quality mark. This guarantees maximum safety for your operators.


Optimal use of available space

Smallest footprint was an important requirement in developing our new generation of PRO thermoformers. This makes them extremely suitable for small to medium-sized manufacturers. With their particularly compact design, they require minimum space in the production area. And by using safety shutters instead of voluminous covers, each PRO thermoformer has an extraordinary large loading area, which is acces­sible from both sides. This gives you even more options to optimize your packaging process.


Rapid Air Forming

Our PRO thermoformers are standard equipped with the innovative Rapid Air Forming system. This energy-efficient system replaces the traditional stamp mechanism and achieves an improved forming consistency, particularly in the corners of the pack. Higher outputs due to shorter vacuum and ventilation times, as well as the possibility to use thinner materials, make your production even more profitable.

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We implement your individual specifications and wishes: Our strengths include uncompromising customer orientation, which includes practiced customer proximity, high flexibility and comprehensive service. The SEALPAC team of specialists from various disciplines provides you with comprehensive support - from the planning of a new system to packaging consulting and regular training of your staff in day-to-day business.

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