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Fish is becoming increasingly important for a healthy and balanced diet - this has caused consumption to skyrocket. Fish and fish products are sensitive and perishable, require a strictly controlled, uninterrupted cold chain and must be handled with special care.

SEALPAC uses modern packaging technology to ensure maximum product safety and the best shelf life for your fish products. With our high-performance systems, you can be flexible in responding to the demand for changing self-service formats. Innovative processes such as TraySkin® or ThermoSkin® protect against oxygen penetration, slow down the degradation processes of your products and prevent undesirable odor or taste of packaged fish. Sealed under MAP, our fish packaging ensures long-lasting freshness, keeps your products from drying out and preserves the flavor.

The EasyLid® cup-lid combination made of mono-material efficiently packages Deli fish food into trays that can always be resealed. Our individually sealed multi-chamber trays ensure the safe separation of your fish products and prevent taste transfer.

With FlatSkin®, FlatMap or eTray® you package your fish in fibre-based, plastic-reduced packaging that stands for more resource saving.

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