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Material efficiency in the use of SEALPAC packaging systems

- 75 %


Up to 75% less plastic.
Revolutionary self-service packaging (MAP).
Completely new reclosure quality.

- 75 %


Up to 75% less plastic.
Simple material separation.
Only recyclable virgin fibres.

- 50 %


Up to 50% less plastic.
Easy separation of recyclables.
Very low cardboard content.

Our contribution to more efficiency and a better environment!

The SEALPAC sustainability concept:

Machine technology, materials, people – we value resources.

Sustainability is a complex issue for which we have defined several fields of action. We take responsibility for greater sustainability through the quality of our equipment, the careful use of natural resources for the production of modern packaging, the advancement and qualification of our employees and the cultivation of long-standing, trusting business relationships:

Durable machine technology

SEALPAC traysealers and thermoformers are high-quality machines with a long service life and permanent low operating costs. Our innovative system technology ensures low energy consumption and reliable processing of the thinnest films, lightest trays and alternative materials that replace plastics. A future-oriented machine design makes them compatible for ever new packaging solutions that meet current market requirements. This pays off: 90 % of all SEALPAC machines ever put on the market are still in use today.

Resource-saving materials

When developing new packaging concepts, we focus on sustainable packaging design: even in the design and material selection of the packaging produced on our lines, possible environmental impacts are taken into account in “Designing for Recycling”. We are continuously developing new, contemporary solutions that rely on alternative resource-saving materials and material combinations. The result is absolutely safe packaging that reliably protects its contents from environmental influences during storage, transport and at the POS, extends shelf life and thus reduces food waste overall. With these concepts, we repeatedly take on a pioneering role, make a significant contribution to more resource conservation and support our customers in the implementation of their sustainability goals.

Sustainable corporate responsibility

We are successful because of our employees, who are the basis for our success in being one of the leading suppliers of high-tech traysealers and thermoformers as well as innovative packaging solutions over the past decades. We take responsibility for our employees by offering them secure jobs and good promotion prospects. This ensures us qualified specialists and managers and a constant expansion of our know-how. Together with the careful selection of our partners and suppliers, with some of whom we have had trusting business relationships for decades, our sustainable corporate management ensures special reliability - for the benefit of our customers.

Ultra-thin shells:

Process-reliable lightweights for more sustainability

Looking for a packaging solution that underlines the responsible use of plastics and contributes to the conservation of resources?

Our ultra-thin trays score with significant material savings: In close cooperation with system partners, we have, among other things, reduced the material - and thus the weight - of the fresh meat tray 190 x 144 x 50 mm, the most widely used in Europe, from 18 grams in 2003 to currently about 8 grams.

The SEALPAC systems of the A-series process even these lightweights reliably at almost unchanged cycle rates, even in high-performance applications. We make it easy for you to switch to thinner, more resource-efficient packaging systems.

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