ECMA Award for FlatSkin®

Winner of the "Save the planet award 2018"

We are pleased to announce, that FlatSkin® was the winner of "Save the planet award 2018".

SEALPAC’s recently developed FlatSkin® system combines an attractive product presentationand extended shelf life with a highly sustainable use of packaging materials. Instead of common plastic skin trays, the FlatSkin®system usescardboard carriers that allow for double-sided printing, hence offering optimal space for product information whilst providing unique branding opportunities. Some manufacturers may even dispose of their traditional cardboard sleeve.

A highly transparent barrier skin film fixates the product directly onto the flat cardboard carrier, which has beencoated with a polymeric protective layer. This layer provides stability to the cardboard and forms a reliable barrier against grease, moisture and oxygen. FlatSkin®packs are perfectly suited to vertical presentation (e.g. hanging or standing), making them true eye-catchers at retail. In addition, the tight-fitting skin film provides an attractive 3D effect that highlights the content to the fullest.

FlatSkin® was developed in exclusive cooperation with Van Genechten Packaging / Kempten and Wentus Kunststoff / Höxter.