Fully automated, high-performance line with SEALPAC A8 traysealer

Including brand-new MA-S denester

Frankfurt, June 2019

Minced meat has a market share of around 50% in the self-service segment. If you want to remain in business here, you need extremely efficient and high-performance equipment. Our SEALPAC A8 provides the answer. This high-output traysealer can now be combined with our brand-new MA-S series of servo magazine denesters for a highly reliable packaging process.  

The SEALPAC A8 traysealer combines highest performance with best packaging quality and economical use of consumables. It reliably processes all sealable materials. In double lane execution, the A8 will achieve outputs of up to 120 trays per minute, depending on tray size and material. Moreover, it guarantees optimal production standards without quality fluctuations. Like all other A-series traysealers, the A8 combines variable sealing pressure with an exceptional clamping force of the tooling, hence always providing a reliable seal for optimal product safety.

Low-maintenance servo drive

OurSEALPAC A8 will be equipped with a servo-driven lifting system, which has become a standard for high-output mono lines. Even after running millions of cycles, this piece of equipment still has the highest level of reliability, for example with regard to product safety and packaging functionality. Owing to its flexibility, the SEALPAC A8 is also easily integrated into existing production lines, especially where it concerns high-performance applications. At IFFA 2019, visitors to the SEALPAC stand will be able to experience the A8 traysealer live in double lane execution.

New: SEALPAC MA-S800 magazine denester

A perfectaddition to the SEALPAC A8 is the compact and fully electric MA-S800 magazine denester, which can keep up with the performance of the traysealer. Owing to its innovative airless concept, this new denester requires no technical connections other than electrical power. Equipped with servo drive, it achieves an unparalleled denesting result. The new MA-S800 has been designed according to the latest standards in technology and hygiene. Due to its C-shape, the system is easily integrated in new and existing lines. For even more output, this new type of denester is also available as a larger model: MA-S1200.